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Zurenah Smit to get R3.5 million from slain husband’s estate

"Stefan definitely did not cut his wife off financially".

Zurenah Smit, the widow of slain Stellenbocsh farmer, Stefan Smit will get R3,5 million from his estate.

Stefan Smit was murdered in what was initially thought to be typical a farm attack but investigators are now looking in a different direction.

According to a Weekend Argus, Zurenah Smit, who is also a witness to Stefan’s murder, will receive R3.5 million from Smit’s life insurance.

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Quoting an unnamed source, The Weekend Argus says “Stefan definitely did not cut his wife off financially”.

News of Zurenah’s life policy payout comes after media reports last week that she was cut out of Smit’s will, which was altered late last year after R200 000 was stolen from his safe. It was previously reported that Smit’s two daughters from a previous marriage stood to inherit several million and Zurenah would not receive any cash and would have to repay any loans from her husband back to his estate.

In addition, to the life policy payout, Zurenah’s only benefit from the will is a home in a Stellenbosch retirement village.

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