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Transport Minister, Mbalula experiences frustrating Cape Town train delays

Mbalula's train ride from Khayelitsha to Langa was delayed by two hours.

Transport Minister, Fikile Mbalula, has experienced first-hand frustrating train delays that commuters experience daily in Cape Town.

Mbalula is on a fact finding mission taking a train ride from Khayelitsha to Langa that was delayed by two hours.

The Central Line is notorious for a multitude of regular challenges, ranging from service delivery protests, the torching of coaches, taxi violence, sporadic stops due to manual movement authorisation, vandalism and damage to infrastructure, illegal connections, the mushrooming of informal settlements along the route and sewage disposal/encroachment.

Mbalula promised to meet train commuters and workers next week in Cape Town.

“I am supposed to take a train from here to Langa, it is quite clear that the train delay is going take the next two hours which will be around 8 o’clock and I am supposed to report to Parliament for the State of the Nation debate at 10 o’clock.”

“Now you’ve got people who are turned away here who came to take a train to go to work and they’ve left. We will meet with you, not in 6 months, by next week and sit down with all the commuters.” he said.

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