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Transnet failing to maintain Century City Station land

Transnet’s failure to maintain a piece of land next to the Century City Station precinct is a cause of concern to Kensington and Factreton residents

Residents of Kensington and Factreton are angry with Transnet for failing to maintain a piece of land next to the Century City Station precinct.

According to the Kensington Factreton Residents and Ratepayers Association they have been pleading for years for Transnet to maintain their property which has been a safety threat to residents.

Chairperson of the association Leslie Swartz said the problem had been coming on since 2009 when they built the station. The association had been struggling for Transnet to come and cut the grass and the trees as they were a threat to residents.

The Century City Station was officially opened in 2010 launched as a culmination of a collaborative effort between the Passenger Rail Agency of SA (Prasa), the City of Cape Town and the Century City developer, Rabie Property Group.

The station was developed to cater for future passenger growth and to serve the Century City Development and the surrounding residential areas of Kensington and Factreton.

According to Swartz over the years it has been characterised for being barren, derelict and crime-ridden as the overgrown vegetation and the huge mound of land provides ideal concealment for criminals.

He said the association and the broader community would be cutting down some trees. In 2014 six women’s bodies were found murdered near the station. The victims were believed to have been attacked while crossing the field on their way to or from the station.

Swartz said there is a significant undeveloped expanse of Transnet land that separates the Century City Station from its closest residential neighbourhood. The association believes this expanse played a huge role in facilitating these senseless murders and still leaves commuters at risk.

Ward councillor for the area Helen Jacobs said they were working very closely with the residents association about the concerns raised. They knew there had been plans to develop the area back in 2010 and build a park and parking bays that had not materialized. The ward councillor said they were working to revive these plans.

Jacobs said it had been a struggle engaging with Transnet.

Transnet remains unresponsive.

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