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Petition for referendum on Cape Independence signed by 16 408 people to date

The petition is targeting 25 000 signatories.
Cape Party launches bid for independent Western Cape

The United Southern African Federation(USAF) in conjunction with South African minority civil rights organizations started a petition to President Cyril Ramaphosa demanding a referendum on Cape Independence and the petition has since been signed by 16 408 people, the goal is to have the petition signed by 25 000 people.

The petition which was started a year ago demands that President Cyril Ramaphosa and the African National (ANC) Congress government hold a referendum on Cape Independence in the 44 Cape municipalities.

The demand is for Independence for minority groups in the Cape territory who combined make up the majority in the region, that is Afrikaner, Asian/Indian, Caucasian African/Generic White and Coloured/Khoisan minorities as non – Black African South Africans.

The petition listed benefits that would come with having the Cape Region of South Africa declared an Independent Country:

  1. Unity, independence, self-determination and self-rule
  2. Freedom from majority persecution
  3. A safe environment in which to live and prosper
  4. ZERO tolerance on crime, all crime
  5. Honesty, integrity and transparency at every sector of governance
  6. Return of Family values
  7. A safe environment in which to live and prosper
  8. Preservation of language, heritage and culture
  9. NO BBBEE, or race based laws
  10. More Jobs and job security
  11. A strong, healthy economy
  12. NO more corruption
  13. Better education for all
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See the petition here.

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