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Animal welfare society calls for harsh penalty for duo who cut off dog’s ears with scissors

They wanted him to look “vicious” 😧

The Animal Welfare Society in Cape Town has called for harsh penalty for the duo facing charges of animal cruelty after cutting off a 1-year-old pit bull’s ears with scissors.

The organisation says it has since apprehended the men who disfigured Cooper the dog because they wanted him to look “vicious”.

“The only way I can imagine it happened was they subdued it, may have taped his legs and mouth shut with duct tape and physically restrained him,” said Allan Perrins from the Animal Welfare Society.

The duo admitted to restraining Cooper, cutting off his ears with big scissors and then crudely sewing them together with no anesthetic.

“We have charged them under many sections of the Animals Protection Act. I will not be happy with a sentence that involves a diversion. Very often they say ‘it’s a first offence’, but this is a hideous offence,” said Perrins.

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The organisation is pushing for the perpetrators to get time behind bars in order to send a strong message.

Cooper is now responding to treatment and on the path to recovery and will soon be transferred to the organisations’s Adoption centre, were he will be placed in a loving home.

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