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Stellenbosch’s Heartflow coupon system brings joy to homeless man

The HeartFlow coupons can be bought for R10.00
Stellenbosch HeartFlow coupon

Stellenbosch Municipality last year launched a coupon system in collaboration with HeartFlow, Straatlig and the Stellenbosch Night Shelter. The system lets people give out coupons to homeless people they meet on the streets.

The HeartFlow coupon can be redeemed for a warm blanket, a hot meal or a nights shelter in Stellenbosch.

Pip Ratcliffe did just that and witnessed firsthand the pleasure it brings after she gave two homeless men the Heartflow coupons when she had been stopped at the traffic lights in Stellenbosch.

She said :

“As I drove off I saw in the rear view mirror this guy leaping in the air waving at his friend and kissing the vouchers. It clearly made a big difference to his day.”

Pip Ratcliffe urged all Stellenboschers to rally behind the great enterprise.

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She expressed her pleasure in a Facebook post.


According to goodthingsguy.com, the coupon system is about giving a handup instead of a handout.

HeartFlow has successfully been running a coupon programme which encourages people to hand out coupons instead of money or food.

Straatlig works with the homeless and destitute in Stellenbosch through mentorship, workshops and offers to counsel to those in need.

The Stellenbosch Night Shelter caters to the oldest and most impoverished in the community. They offer a safe space to those in need.

The coupons can be bought for R10.00 and redeemed against a meal, a night at the shelter or a blanket.

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