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Stefan Smit murder no longer being treated as “farm attack”

"These guys with balaclavas get blamed for a lot of crime."

The highly publicised murder of Stellenbosch wine farmer, Stefan Smit, is no longer being treated as “farm attack” with the witnesses to the alleged farm attack now the focus of the investigation.

According to the Weekend Argus, Smit’s wife, Zurenah, 53, and a family friend, former wine estate owner Emilia Allemann, 71, who were the only witnesses to the murder, are now persons of interest in the investigation.

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The initial police report on the murder alleges that it was around 7pm when four men, allegedly wearing balaclavas, “entered through an unlocked door and shot and killed him”. The two women survived the attack, were only a handbag and two cellphones were taken. This is despite the fact that Smit was in possession of the safe keys and his bodyguard was also in a nearby room during the deadly attack.

According to the report, police did not find evidence of forced entry and there is no CCTV footage of the alleged masked men.

New information also suggests that Smit had just changed his will and some members of his family stood to benefit less.

A police source noted wryly: “These guys with balaclavas get blamed for a lot of crime. Maybe these are the same guys who killed Henri van Breda’s family.”

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