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Residents from Zwezwe Informal Settlement rebuild shacks shortly after demolition

...What we have realised is what's happening here is shack farming. People are selling plots for them to erect structures...

Residents from the Zwezwe Informal Settlement on the outskirts of Du Noon have already started rebuilding structures that were demolished by city of Cape Town’s anti-land invasion unit on Sunday afternoon.

Several hundred shacks, that were built on private land earmarked for other projects, were razed to the ground by the authorities.

Zwezwe residents claim police moved in without an eviction notice, they say officers demolished the structures but did not remove anything before leaving.

Malusi Booi, MAYCO member for Human Settlements says the city was well within its rights to demolish the shacks.

Booi says the shacks were built on private land which had been earmarked for other projects.

“We have an agreement with the owner to act on his behalf. What we have realised is what’s happening here is shack farming. People are selling plots for them to erect structures. We can’t allow that as government. Our anti land invasion teams are always on the look-out and they make the assessments. The operation is normally a consolidated effort where we work with SAPS and we work with our law enforcement agencies.”

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