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Cape Town Carnival gearing up to stun the city

This year more than 2 200 performances will form 54 performing groups.
Cape Town Carnival cancelled

Preparations for the 2019 Cape Town carnival, have reached an advance stage.

The 2019 Cape Town Carnival, will take place on March 16, under the theme Vuka Ukhanye: Arise and Shine.

The carnival contributes immensely to the Cape Town economy, with a R58.5 million contribution to the city’s GDP in 2018.

The very first Cape Town Carnival was hosted along Long street in 2010, with an attendance of 11 000 spectators.

The numbers have since gone up, with 54 000 people showing up at the event in 2018.

This year more than 2 200 performances will form 54 performing groups.

Gillian Florence, the head of the costume department for the carnival, said repurposing and sustainability plays a big role in the ethos of the workshop.

The carnival’s designated workshop is a hub of creativity, and fully embodies the spirit of collective power in line with this year’s theme.

Professor Rachel Jafta, Chairperson of the Cape Town Carnival Trust said:

“It’s incredible to see the voyage from the creative workshops where the concept is developed to the final creations.”

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