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Mitchells Plain Father gunned down during school run, as pupils watch

"We soon realised it was... not just two or three, we saw 16 bullet shells on the ground," he said.

There was commotion at Woodville Primary School on Wednesday morning when a Father was shot dad while doing a school run.

Keith Riddle the school principal said”What we thought was a car backfiring, turned out to be gunshots,”

“We soon realised it was… not just two or three, we saw 16 bullet shells on the ground,” he said.

The father was shot around 8:00, the period when most parents and taxis drop kids off at school.

Riddles said the father was dropping his Grade 2 son and his two nieces, who are in Grade 6, when the gangsters came and pulled out their guns.

There was a bit of relief that although children from grade R to 7 witnessed the shooting, none were caught in the crossfire.

“It was pandemonium,” said Riddles. “But it could have been worse,” Riddles said.

One teacher, in charge of scholar patrol had to be rushed to a doctor as she was traumatized by the incident.

A psychologist and the Mitchells Plain police Victim Support Unit will start counselling sessions at the school on Thursday.

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