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Manenberg boy, 7, handcuffed and ‘arrested’ by metro cop for allegedly Stealing R5

Him and others had been accused of stealing the money from a wallet.

A seven-year old Manenberg boy was allegedly handcuffed during an “arrest” by metro cops for stealing R5.

A metro police member assigned to Red River Primary as a school resource allegedly cuffed the Manenberg boy and left the premises with him, telling him that he’s been arrested.

The little boy said he was loaded into a white van and driven to a local shopping centre, where the officers bought a gatsby before taking him back to school.

Meanwhile, another pupil came to the the boys house and told his mother that her son had been arrested.

The child later told his parents that he alone had been cuffed after he and other boys had been accused of stealing the money from a wallet.

The school resource officer involved has been replaced by another officer at the school, the Western Cape Department of Education has confirmed.

The case was also reported to the department’s social worker for counselling assistance.

The Red River Primary school principal was on Monday scheduled to visit the home of the little boy who is said to be too traumatised to return to class.

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