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Lost hikers rescued in Wilderness

12 hikers including 5 children lost their way in Wilderness whilst attempting a kloofing trip down Kaaismans river on the 3rd of January. Apparently the hikers had not given much thought on the, distance, rough trails, rapids which were made tougher due to rains on the previous day.

A member of the hiking party made a call to a relative, which would later save the day. According to Cape town etc, the hiker informed the relative that the trip was taking longer than what they had anticipated.

The relative subsequently contacted emergency after failing to make further contact with the group after a number of attempts. The EMS and George Fire and Rescue services together with NRSI Wilderness rescue responded.

Rescuers found the first 3 members of the group who had left the rest of the group to seek help, while the remaining four adults and five children: ages between 3 and 8 continued along the trail at a much slower pace.

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The rest of the hiking party was found later unscathed.

The group was transported and reunited to their families after medical assessments.

Local and international tourists have been encouraged to do their research, before taking a hike!

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