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Law enforcement to be present on Golden Arrow buses in Cape Town

20 officers to begin with

Golden Arrow Bus Service (GABS) and the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement department has signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) to ensure a safer environment for passengers

This will see the appointment of 20 law enforcement on some Golden Arrow buses in Cape Town.

Apart from ensuring the safety of passengers on GABS buses, officers would also be responsible for the enforcement of relevant by-laws, such as traffic and parking by-laws.

The MoA signed by the city would see parties working closely in the interest of the safety of passengers.

The memorandum will allow the city to work closely with GABS and will give passengers added value and peace of mind in knowing that there will be a law enforcement presence on buses.

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According to mayoral committee member for safety and security, JP Smith,  the officers will liaise closely with passengers so that they can gather information about possible criminal activity, plan accordingly, and act swiftly where necessary. In this regard the city would like to request passengers to assist officers in informing them of any anti-social behaviour, or other activities that could cause a disturbance on buses.

The key focus of the law enforcement officers would be to have a high visibility on GABS buses so as to protect and serve.

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