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Julius Melema offers alternative solution to the Western Cape gangsterism problem

We need to bring the Venda police here for a particular period.

EFF leader, Julius Malema, has offered a solution to the Western Cape’s gang crisis and suggested that the Western Cape police force should be rotated with police officers from other provinces.

Julius Malema was speaking at an impromptu press conference in Cape Town’s parliamentary precinct on Thursday evening.

“We need to bring the Venda police here for a particular period, swop them with the Natal police, remove them…” he suggested.

Malema believes police in the province “embedded” in the worlds of “gangsterism and the underworld”.

“If you conduct a raid in a particular flat, they are the ones who inform the drug lords who inform the gangsters that we have planned a raid on such and such a day,” he said.

This is why he thinks it would help to “bring in the outside police force”.

“What happened to AmaBeret, what happened to counter-assault team, what happened to the special task force, where is the intelligence?” he asked.

“And not the Western Cape intelligence, you ought to bring in the police who are not familiar with these people here in the western cape”.

He elaborated that the reason for this was that these outside police officers would have “no friends” and “no sympathies” in the Western Cape.

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