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FlySafair plane in emergency landing after cabin pressure malfunction

Crisis averted ?

A FlySafair flight from Cape Town to Durban had to make an emergency landing minutes after take off.

FlySafair confirmed the incident through their head of Sales and Distribution Kirby Gordon.

During the climb the cabin crew were alerted to an issue regarding the cabin pressurisation systems and decided to turn back to Cape Town and implement the required safety procedures.

In these circumstances crew are required to initiate full safety protocol, which the crew of FA 461 did with full professionalism. The pilots turned the aircraft back toward Cape Town and initiated what in aviation is referred to as a ‘rapid descent

Thankfully, Nobody aboard required any medical assistance after landing.

“Naturally, an occurrence such as this can be very upsetting to those on board. As soon as FA 461 landed in Cape Town the customers were met by our ground teams who were there to see to the needs of all”, Gordon said.

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“FlySafair immediately dispatched a standby aircraft to pick up the flight for those seeking to continue onto Durban, which most customers chose to do. The airline has also made counsellors available to any customers seeking to speak to someone professional regarding their experience.

“We would like to extend a sincere apology to our customers for the experience they had this evening, and for the inconvenience of having to turn back and have their journey delayed in this way.”

On of the passengers on-board the flight recorded a video of the incident. Watch below.

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