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Fiona Viotti was subject to a sexual proposition from two grade 11 pupils in 2017

The boys behind the sexual proposition were suspended for a whole term

Fiona Viotti, the history teacher and water polo coach at the center of a sex scandal at Bishops school was once sexually proposed to by two grade 11 pupils at the school according to sources who spoke to the Weekend Argus.

Fiona Viotti resigned at Bishops Diocesan College when allegations of a sexual relationship with an 18 year old matric pupil surfaced last week.

The pupil allegedly wanted to end it but she refused which prompted the boy to ask for help from his parents, who later informed headmaster Guy Pearson.

Pearson confirmed in a letter to parents that an investigation of serious misconduct was under way and that Fiona Viotti had resigned on Thursday last week.

After the initial story broke, videos and photos allegedly featuring Fiona Viotti appeared on various porn sites.

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Now in an ironic twist to the scandal, it has now been revealed by several reliable sources that Viotti also reported to headmaster Guy Pearson a sexual proposition emailed to her by two Grade 11 boys.

The boys used Viotti’s Facebook photos to compile the proposition and then hacked into the Bishops internal mailing system to mail it to her, using the identity of another pupil.

“The boys behind the sexual proposition and the identity theft were exposed and suspended for a whole term,” revealed a reliable source.

Meanwhile, Viotti’s Lawyer William Booth, has confirmed that his client has been admitted into a psychiatric clinic but would not reveal the clinic’s location.

“My client has sought counselling and is under medical care,” he said. “I request that her and her family’s privacy and dignity be respected and that Bishops be allowed to complete their investigation.

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“Furthermore, I ask that the family not be constantly contacted by the media for comment as this is a very emotionally trying time for them.”

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