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VIDEO: Dog theft on the rise in Cape Town

Possibly stolen for use in dog fighting rings.

Dog Theft is on the rise in Cape Town. Cape Of Good Hope SPCA spokesperson Belinda Abraham says it is receiving more and more reports of dogs being stolen and just vanishing without a trace.

Abraham made the revelations on Cape Talk after a disturbing video was shared on social media, showing a group of men stealing a rottweiler puppy in the Lansdowne/Rondebosch area.

It is believed that the animals might be getting stolen for the purpose of dog fights or for reselling.

According to Abraham, the dog was found at a home of a drug dealer in Delft and it was returned to its owners.

She says the dog was microchipped which made it easy to find but that is not always the case with other dogs that disappear in the same manner.

Members of the public have been encouraged to stop buying dogs which they don’t know their origins as this perpetuates the cycle of animal cruelty.

“Keep your dogs in fully enclosed walls as possible. Microchip them so that they don’t go wonder in the streets. Allow them to sleep inside if it’s possible, they can protect you better when they are inside the property than they can outside,” she added.

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