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VIDEO: DA MP Phumzile Van Damme punches man over alleged race row at V&A

Throws punch 'in self-defence'

DA member of Parliament Phumzile Van Damme took to Twitter to share an alleged racist incident that took place at the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town.

Van Damme tweeted that she had experienced racism and punched one of the offenders in the face in self-defence.

“The family. This lady was filming me the entire time, so I tried to take photos & that little s**t in the black t-shirt came to my face & came within my face & [said] “voetsek you black” & threw [my phone] on the ground. He was threatening violence so in self-defense I punched him in the head,” Van Damme tweeted.

After her confrontation with the family, Van Damme tweeted a video of her conversation with the security manager whom she said had not acted on her complaint.

“AND, @VandAWaterfront the right way to deal with this would’ve been to take my details & the family’s details & apologized to me for what I’d experienced. Your ‘Manager’ did neither. He treated me like the rubbish & told me to go, so I said ‘fine, I’ll have to expose you’,” she tweeted.

V&A Waterfront spokesman Donald Kau said they had contacted Van Damme after learning of the incident and have launched an investigation into the validity of her claims.

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