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Cyril Ramaphosa releases statement on femicide but falls short

The president said gender based violence should stop!

The eagerly awaited presidential statement on the growing levels of violence against women in South Africa finally came on Tuesday but fell short on what South Africans were expecting.

Following widespread outrage over the murder of UCT, first year student Uyinene Mrwetyan, President Cyril Ramaphosa was criticised for being slow to respond, and when the response came, it failed to appease angry South Africans.

In his statement the President said: “This is a very dark period for us as a country. The assaults, rapes and murders of South African women are a stain on our national conscience.

“We have just commemorated Women’s Month. Sixty three years after the women of 1956 marched for the right to live in freedom, women in this country live in fear – not of the apartheid police but of their brothers, sons, fathers and uncles. We should all hang our heads in shame,”

However, South African have been left unimpressed with the President’s response and have took to twitter to vent their frustration.


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