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Criminals caught stealing metal fence at Manenberg Community Centre

Talk about self destructive behavior

City of Cape Town’s Rapid Response Unit and Facilities Protection officers were informed of a theft in progress on Sunday at the Manenberg Community Center.

The metal fence of the Manenberg Community Centre was attempted to be stolen. When the officers arrived at the site they found two male suspects leaving the scene.

Two hacksaws were found in their bags and the security guards at the site positively identified them as the alleged thieves. Two sawn steel poles were also recovered. The thieves were arested and taken to Manenberg SAPS.

A detective at the police station informed the officers that he had information more poles that were stolen was being cut up as they spoke. The officers called for more back up and the School Resource Officers joined the fray.

They went to a house in Sonderend Street Manenberg and found two large sections of City palisade fencing on the property. They arrested a male suspect in connection with the theft. They recognized the suspect as someone they arrested in 2015 for cable theft.

Via: IOL

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