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Cape mother lays criminal charges against son’s Grade 1 teacher

... the boy came home with a bloodied mouth and cane marks on his back.

A Cape Town mother has laid a criminal charge against her son’s Grade 1 teacher after the boy came home with a bloodied mouth and cane marks on his back.

It is alleged that the 7-year-old was shoved and pushed, resulting in him knocking his mouth against a desk.

He also had injuries to his back, said to have been caused by the lashes.

The child’s mother said the little boy refuses to go back to the primary school in Woodstock and has been at home for almost a week.

She enrolled him at the school as she is employed just outside the city centre as a domestic worker. She and the boy travel 60km every weekday by bus.

Last Monday, she said, her son returned from school wearing a bloodied shirt.

“I questioned him about what had happened and he said his mouth had bled. I asked if he had fallen, but he just looked at me, too scared to talk.

“The mother said the teacher had also sent her a letter asking to be contacted urgently.”I called the school the next day and we set up a meeting for 14:00. But the school called back and made the appointment for the next day as this was when the governing body was available. I asked what it was about because it sounded serious, but the receptionist didn’t want to say.”

At the meeting, she was told that her son had shown behavioural issues and presented her with a list of supposed transgressions.

“I found this strange, because whenever I had communicated with his teacher I was told that everything was fine. Why didn’t she tell me about any of this before?

“Her son told her that on Wednesday night what had allegedly happened at school.”He first told me his back was sore.

When he got in the bath, I saw his back had been hurt. I asked him what happened and he said [his teacher] had hit him,” she said.

“He told me that his teacher wanted to move him to another class and he didn’t want to go because he didn’t know anyone there. She grabbed and pushed him. His mouth knocked against the desk, causing the bleeding and the blood on his shirt.

“He also got hit on his back with a stick which he told me she kept in her cupboard.”

She had asked her employer to accompany her to the school the next day, but the principal refused to discuss the matter with him present, therefore the meeting  did not take place.

She took her son to a doctor and laid a criminal charge with police against the teacher.

A complaint was also been filed with the Western Cape education department (WCED), although the mother intends on finding  her son another school.

The teacher was charged and given a warning to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court on June 11.

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