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Bonteheuwel boy, 10, ‘hit with pipe for farting’ in Islamic religious class

A case of assault has been opened against the teacher.

The family of the 10-year-old have opened a case of assault after the came home with red swelling on his wrists, ankles and bum from a hiding allegedly at the hands of his muallim (madrassa teacher).

The Bonteheuwel boy was allegedly hit with a plastic pipe – because he farted in madrassa (Islamic religious class).

The boy claims he did not fart in class, but made a farting sound with his mouth.

His cousin, who is also in the madrassa at the Al-Jamia Uthmania Mosque in Jakkelsvlei Avenue, also said he was making the sound with his mouth.

On Wednesday, the family opened a case of assault against the teacher . According to the boys grandfather, “his muallim took a thin white plastic pipe and hit him on the bum, across his wrists and his ankles”.

Meanwhile, Moulana Fahmie Salie at the Bonteheuwel Mosque said the madrassa is a separate entity.

He said they are aware of the incident and he confirmed that corporal punishment is not allowed at the madrassa.

“We will meet with the family of the young boy and the madrassa teachers tonight.

“Action will be taken and the only decision now is whether we let the law run its course with the case opened at the police station, or take action from our side as well.

“We will decide with the family,” Moulana Salie said.

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