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Bonteheuwel achieves zero gang related deaths in July with no help form the army.

Bonteheuwel achieved zero gang related deaths in the month of July thanks to the combined work of the community and the Neighborhood Safety Team (NST) which comprises of 100 police officers.

Before July, Bonteheuwel had been a gang haven with gang  related deaths at 44 so far this year in an area with only 85, 000 people.

Thanks to tip-offs from the community, there have been more than 60 arrests, a variety of guns were confiscated, a huge amount of drugs removed and a suppression of gun-related violence.

Moreover, since its deployment last month, the SANDF, who usually do two- to three-hour operations, have only been seen in Bonteheuwel twice.

“A month ago Bonteheuwel was breaking and gangs controlled our streets. Today, a month later, the residents in partnership with the Bonteheuwel NST have taken back their streets and community,” said ward councillor Angus Mckenzie.

More: Cape Times


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