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AirManaged SA denies racism claim following eviction of a black couple from Bantry Bay guest house

AirManaged has said the couple was evicted after failing to pay the balance on their booking

Home rental management company airManaged has disputed claims that any form of racism took place against a black couple that were told to leave a posh De Wet Road guest house in Bantry Bay.

Instead, airManaged has said the couple was evicted after failing to pay the balance on their booking.

The company stated that the couple was not willing to pay for the guest house, “When we checked the guests in at 1 am, the guests were not willing to pay the balance. Our policy is to deny access to the property if the booking is not fully paid for. Due to the fact that it was 1am, we offered the guest to stay the night and leave the next day,” they said.

“We provided the guests with transportation to their new accommodation. At no point did we make any decisions based on the guests’ race. We were following our procedures and acting under instruction. We are sorry that this misunderstanding has upset the guests,” airManaged tweeted.

Nonyameko Myeki, 28, on Saturday reported what she claims happened at the De Wet Road guest house in a series of tweets.

After booking the accommodation through Rennies Travel and checking in on Friday, the owners of the property initially claimed they had not received payment and asked the black couple to leave.

“The owner came at 10am and said he did not receive payment therefore we not suppose to be there @RenniesTravel confirmed they paid and later we where then told they don’t mind refunding us and we should be out by @AirManagedSA and they did refund,” she tweeted.

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