8 month old girl recovering from home after receiving treatment

She was raped and investigations are ongoing
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The eight-month-old Bonteheuwel girl who was raped is back home and recovering after being treated at hospital, according to local councillor Angus McKenzie.

“She’s home. She’s recovering,” said McKenzie of the attack which shocked residents in the suburb east of Cape Town.

In the meantime, the girl’s distraught mother is desperately trying to get to the bottom of what happened, as the police investigation continues.

McKenzie said social workers had stepped in, and the single mum was getting support.

He said the girl’s mother did not want to be interviewed, but he was told that the she had dropped her baby off with a carer and had gone to work.

When she got back home, she noticed that something was wrong while changing her baby’s nappy.

She took her child to the Red Cross Children’s hospital where she was initially treated and the child was later transferred to another hospital for DNA testing.

McKenzie said the matter was being handled “at the highest level”.

“It is a very, very sad situation,” said McKenzie.

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